1. General

DP71 Device driver for Windows Vista 64-bit. (MalAd Driver)

This software enables the operation of DP71 on Windows Vista 64-bit.
2. Installation procedure
  1. Before installation
  2. Download
    1. Please enter all the required (*) fields below in order to download the software.
    2. Click the [Download] button to begin the download.
      * Download file name: [MALAD0204.exe] (1.39MB).
      * Serial No. : This Serial No. is the alphanumeric characters indicated on your   DP71 camera head (see below).
      * CD code : This CD code is printed on the CD-ROM "DP-BSW" of the basic software (see   below).

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      *Serial No.
        (Input in uppercase)
      *CD code
      *E-mail address
      Organization or Facility
      * Requires data input.

      Please use the number printed here for the "Serial No.".

      Please use the code printed here for the "CD code".

  3. Installation procedure
    1. Install the [DP-BSW Ver.03.03] before installation of the device driver. [DP-BSW Ver.03.03] can be downloaded from here. Please see here to confirm how to install [DP-BSW Ver03.03].
    2. Double click the file [MALAD0204.exe] you saved in the folder in procedure 2 to open it. The file related with the device driver can be extracted.
    3. In the [Device Manager], select the [Other devices] and select the [Update Device Software]. Select the folder which is exacted at 2), and then follow the messages to install the device driver.
    4. Read installation details

    5. * The software cannot be installed unless the user account is registered as a "Computer   Administrator".
        If the user account is registered as a "Restricted Account", change it to a "Computer   Administrator" account.
        (For the user account registration, refer to the instruction manual for your PC.)

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